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PS Model Management Munich GmbH
Peter Sperlich
Holzstr. 12
80469 Muenchen

ps models proudly presents the ps model blog now available on Together with and Lifeblog from Nokia,, ps models has created a blog that will improve communication with clients and the user community of ps models. By adopting new mobile technology, and using SMS logo branded messages and technology, it intends to become a pioneer of the modelling industry by bringing a higher quality of service through innovation.
This collaboration has allowed ps models to develop the ps model blog, updating its website via the Nokia 7610 mobile phone using Lifeblog technology. This means you can watch the growth and development of ps models via the Lifeblog link on the ps models’ website. Effective communication is the fundamental building block of long and productive business relationships.
Check out the news and updates on (under lifeblog) where you can add your own comments to any of the team members of ps; Peter Sperlich, Stephan von Schilcher, Marcus Feigl, Kati Zarnitz and the ps models.

Before founding ps models in 1994, Peter Sperlich was organising shows and events as a choreographer, working on Laurel in Paris, at the CPD Düsseldorf, the Greek Designer Show, Mistral in Las Vegas, and the Porsche launch of its 911 Carrera Cabriolet, to name only a few. Sperlich’s work took him around the world and allowed him to make important contacts with international clients and models, which proved ideal for his new international model agency.
ps models represents around 300 girls and 200 male models, of which it is the mother agency of 50 and 40 models respectively. Celebrity models include: Marcella Siegel, Doreen Dietel, Laura Gosch, Kiera Chaplin, Charles Schuhmann amongst others. ps models and its team apply a professional and friendly approach, right from the beginning in order to secure a continuous business relationship, and both client and employee satisfaction. Through the technology of Lifeblog, ps models will be able to expand their demand worldwide, enhancing and maintaining the fashionable but yet classical range of models that reflects the overall image of ps models.